As Allison sat and had her makeup done by Emerald we talked about life. The up and the downs. The things we love about being moms and the things that we struggle with as moms. We told stories that made us laugh and some that made us pause and appreciate everything we have. But one thing Allison said to me that will forever stick in my mind was " If Stella is the only kiddo we get, then I am ok with that" She appreciates this amazing human being and all the joy she bring to her and Evan. Looking at the day we had together you can see that Evan and Allison mean the world to Stella as well. 

Evan and Allison are your typical high school sweethearts. They have a lot of history behind them and so much more ahead of them. What their story will not be lacking are incredible memories. They have a fantastic group of friends that they have had since high school and I think that says a lot about them and the relationships they foster. They are loyal, hilarious, genuine, and so much fun to be around. Not to mention they are stellar parents. 

It was an honor to have them trust me with these memories. And I think you will see there are some pretty good ones between the three of them. 

 NEVER a dull moment with the Bryan family!

NEVER a dull moment with the Bryan family!

Makeup Artist: Emerald Baker (IG: _emeraldbakerbeauty_)

Allison's Dress:

Stella's Outfit:

Evan's Blazer:


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