I have had the pleasure of spending time with the Monti's a few times in the past year and each time Violet and Leo seem to warm up a little bit quicker. Violet just turned four and in just a few short weeks Leo will be right behind her turning two. Now for 4 and 2, our chilly evening didn't seem to damper their moods at all. But really how could you not be happy when your mom makes the most beautiful tuts and brings along one of your favorite items to cling to. Andrea has such a beautiful talent with her tutu making skill. These two in particular were made to order specifically to Violet's specifications. When Violet was in these beauties, she lit up! She giggled, she twirled, she ran and she willingly gave her most beautiful smile. Leo is a true two year old already. Always on the go! We ran the trails, looked for bunnies in the dirt holes, watched balloons fly off into the sunset, fell down a whole lot and got right back up again. When he saw a puddle, he made a b line for it. Thankfully mom and dad are quick on their feet and no one went for a swim! And then you get the two together... I see best friends in them. Hugging each other, helping each other and exploring together. 

An extra bonus, Andrea told me that Violet keeps asking when we can do it again! Any time sweet girl, anytime.