Whenever Jenna calls me about family photos I get extra excited. I know I wont be going to any of my usual stomping grounds. She is always prepared with an adventure, new gorgeous locations and family fashion that is sure to impress. In fact, when it comes to my own family photos, she is my go to girl to figure out what to wear. Not because she is a fashion designer or anything, just because she totally has the eye for it. Things that I would never think to put together, she does and it works! 

Being abound the three of them is always a barrel of laughs as well. Kason sure got a good mix of both Jenna and Mike's personalities. So when the three of them get going, I end up in tears from laughing so much. And oh if I could have a fraction of their energy. This family never stops. Between the workouts, the family boxing sessions, the family hikes, beach days, casting calls for little Kason, preschool, softball and full time jobs. I don't know when they sleep. But whatever they are doing it works. The three of them could take on the world together. 

I cannot wait to see where Jenna's adventures take me next!