Meet the Cortez's! At the time we did this session they were anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first baby. A sweet little girl. Talking with them there were equal amounts of joy and wonder of what was ahead of them. Being a first time parent has so many unknowns! Will everything go smoothly with the delivery? Will my baby be a sleeper? Will my baby be a good eater? Will my baby be a crier? The list goes on and on. One thing there is NO question about is that you will love this little human being. But as first time parents, you don't know how much until the moment that baby makes its actual appearance in this world. It is a love that there is no comparison to. Truly unconditional. The same was true for Rachel and Chris when Rylin was finally in their arms. It was such a pleasure to capture these memories for them to remember the last bits of time before the many firsts started for them. Come back and visit soon so see the blog of their little beauty.