They took me to where it all began. It may have looked like I was on a campus tour. But to be in my shoes you would have seen so much more. They met at this beautiful campus over 11 years ago. As we admired the 360 degree views, you could also see little glimpses of their story. Every little piece was part of their life puzzle that brought them to where they are today. There is a statue that Kelly is not a fan of ;) , a cafe where they would study, listen to bands and the couch in said cafe where Kelly may have fallen asleep on once or twice. The lawn where flag football was played together or the baseball stadium where many a game was watched. Even the apartments where Ryan spent his last years of college. As we photographed them in various locations of campus, I could picture them all those years ago. Walking this campus, talking and falling in love. Making memories and really getting to know the one they were destined to spend their lives with. We ended the evening at "the tree". It was very fitting to end our session there. Every year they come to this tree and take their family photo. Each year this photo looks a little different because as the years pass, their family changed a little. Wether they have added a new member or just grown a little more. It is a special place. Above anything else Lectures is this families favorite time of year. ( Well it is for sure Kelly's favorite thing every year) and those take place in the building just behind this amazing tree. 

Using  location that means something to your family bring SO much more to your photos. Having a place that is more than just pretty. It tells your story, your past, a piece of who you are. This family and this session is going down in the book of greats for me.

Thank you Loftis family for letting me in on your beautiful journey. Also a special thank you goes out to Jenny ( Kelly's mom) Her and Kelly's father are both alumni of this campus so I was delighted to hear a bit of their story as well. Jenny also does a fantastic job of helping with the kiddos and making them laugh throughout the day. 

Looking at these photos, can you see their story?

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