Take me back to this day! I was fortunate to team up with Dana of Cheek to Cheek Makeup and Hair Artistry to make this shoot come to life. I knew two things when I was envisioning this session. I wanted a couple that completely adored each other and I wanted to hold the session in old town Pasadena.  

It was really a no brainer when I chose Diana and Emily. Let me take you back to the first time I met these beautiful women. I walked into their apartment with Emily's sister (My good friend Jacqueline) After our lovely introductions Diana ran back to the kitchen to prepare the amazing food she was making for her guests that were on their way and Emily had to go back to finishing up some work that she was working on. That night I sat back, spent time with them and their friends, and if i'm being completely honest I spent a lot of time with the food table! (Diana is an AMAZING COOK) and I got to see who they were as individuals and as a couple. 

These ladies are so different but together they compliment each other so well. Emily is so outgoing and witty. Diana is on the quiet side when you first meet her, but she has an incredible heart for helping people. They lift each other up, tease in the most loving way and they make each other laugh better than anyone else can. Love and respect is abundant at the core of their relationship. It is very clear. So while they may not be engaged, you can see why I had to have them as my spotlight couple. 

They day of the session was going along great. I had this clear vision in my head of what I wanted to achieve. These ladies NAILED it! I mean their chemistry isn't something I can direct. It was just there. And Old town Pasadena just happened to have the best backdrops that flattered these ladies and their affection for each other.