Courtney and I met over 10 years ago in beauty school. While my path may have taken a different direction, hers has thrived. She is talented and driven and I have only seen that grow since she met Tim and they together had a beautiful little boy, Beau. I have been fortunate enough to have a great friendship with her and to watch their story unfold. Beau was a bit of a surprise for them, but I think some of the best things in life are that way. I am positive that they would agree with me on this one. Now while Beau was a surprise, Courtney never saw this surprise coming.

On a Monday morning in November I received a  Facebook message from Tim that said "Can you call me?" Im my head I started doing summersaults hoping I knew what he was about to ask. So I quickly called him back and this is a little bit how the conversation went. 

Lisa: Hey Tim! It's Lisa. What's up?

Tim: Hey! So mine and Courtney's anniversary is tomorrow, but I don't want to propose to her on that day because I think she may expect it. She may be mad at me for the rest of the week, but I really want her to be surprised. She has mentioned that if I do this that I should call you and have you take pictures. I want to do it at the beach. Do you think you can squeeze us in this weekend?

Lisa: YES!!!!!! Oh I was hoping that is what you wanted to talk about! OMG I am so excited. YES!!!!!! And I have the perfect plan! I have been telling Courtney for a while that I'm doing different styled shoots. So I will ask her if you guys can model for me for a last minute shoot so I can have all my work submitted for my updated website by the end of the month!

We talked a bit more and ironed more details and even planned out having his buddy video the day. Courtney thought he would be filming behind the scenes of me working as content for my website, but it was SO much more. I texted Courtney and asked her to model and she was IN! 

The day of the proposal came. Everything was going great! Tim almost blew it when they got there. we said our hellos and then Tim thanked me and his buddy Nick for doing this. WOOPS! Thankfully Courtney was too busy with the baby to even notice. 

We got them down to the beach and as Courtney was getting last minute outfit details on Beau I pulled Tim to the side for a little chat. Let him know which pose I would be setting them up in and that would be his que to do his thing. I really could not have gone any better. and of course with tears in her eyes and shaking hands. She said yes!