Fun story.....Joe's mom and my mom have been best friends since high school. Which means we have known each other a LONG time. Which also means I can honestly say I have NEVER seen Joe more happy or more compatible with anyone. Kim came into his life at just the right time and they are the CUTEST couple. The way they laugh together, tease each other, hold hands and look at each other. It is all effortless and so genuine. It is a lovely kind of l love to be around and witness. 

I asked Kim what she loved most about Joe and I loved her answer....." He makes me laugh, he makes me comfortable and he makes me feel safe" What an awesome answer! At the end of the day a man that keeps you smiling and wraps you in his arms.....well, there's nothing better. 

 I also asked them to tell me their engagement story which I also got permission to share with you. It may be one of my favorites because it says so much about them as a couple and who they really are. So here it goes and I hope I get it right.....

Joe finally received the ring he had custom made for her and the last thing he had to do was ask her fathers permission. From there he really had no plan or idea of how he was going to propose. He did however need to get out of the house to make THE phone call to her parents. So Sunday morning after they woke up Joe told Kim he was going to run down to the store to buy some champagne for their morning mimosas. Seeing as this was a regular thing, Kim thought nothing of it. So off Joe went to buy champagne and to make "the phone call". Well.... Her dad didn't pick up and it went to voicemail. He left a message and had to wait. Trying to stall a little longer, in hopes her dad would call him back,  Joe called Kim and  told her that the register was broken and it was taking forever. Kim thought that was a little strange, but didn't think too much into it. Thankfully Kim's dad called back. He and Joe had a conversation and her dad also got her mom on the phone. In the end he gave his permission but there were three rules: 1-Love Her 2-Provide for her 3- Don't miss life by working.  Such good advice. You hear 1 & 2 a lot, but 3 is a GOOD one.  So Joe had their blessing and it was on to his plan less proposal. He got home as Kim was getting ready for the day. So he poured them their drinks and with them in one had and her ring in the other he walked into their room as she was getting dressed and got down on a knee. She turned around to see him there and he asked! And she said YES!!!!! Spontaneous, in the moment doing something that they did every weekend.  Amazing! 

So that brings us to engagement pictures. YAY! We had them scheduled in December and then it rained! So we rescheduled.....and guess what.... IT RAINED! BUT Kim couldn't reschedule her hair and makeup appointment and I don't think any of us really wanted to reschedule these pictures again. So we had an AWESOME day running around LA in the rain. Kim picked out some amazing locations and we ended at one of Joe's job sites. Take a look at how adorable these two are. If they don't make you want to fall in love then I don't know who will. 

Congratulations you two! I cannot wait to watch you say " I DO"