My friend Charis wanted to surprise her husband with pictures for Christmas. Unfortunately Olivia got the flu the day of pictures and the surprise was ruined :( Poor thing. But the next day she was better and pictures were taken. If we didn't have them so early in the morning Marcos (Charis' husband) would have joined us. So we still did pictures of just the girls.

I play softball with Charis. Anyone that knows her knows a few things about her. One, she has an incredible heart. She is so kind especially to those she loves. Two, she is HILARIOUS! It is all laughs, all the time, when you are around her. And three, That girl can TALK! I don't know if it's a Texas thing or just a Charis thing. But when we are playing ball, You can tell if Charis is there or not. Honestly, I 100% would rather have her there chatting it up and cracking jokes from the outfield than to not have her there. I tell you this because there is SO much of her in her daughters. I've seen these girls grown into beautiful, hilarious and chatty young ladies over the past few years. They are always a pleasure to be around and picture day was no different. I can't wait till next time when I get the WHOLE family in front of my camera.