For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you probably already know this story. For those who don't, here it is....

A few months back my Facebook business page reached 300 likes. In the grand scheme of things and compared to a lot of other photography pages that number is very small. But for was HUGE! I was grateful and overwhelmed that that many people had seen and liked my work, passion and love for photography. Because of that, I felt like giving back. So I asked my fans to help me by nominating someone that they thought would be deserving of a free session from me. I had some GREAT nominations, but the one that pulled on my heartstrings was the story of Tracy and Brandon. Here is the nomination email:

Hi Lisa,

I saw your post and I JUST had to e-mail you! I would like to nominate my friend, Tracy Healy. She is a single mom to Brandon who was one of our foster kids. He was a shaken baby and we thought we would never find a home for him. But luckily God had other plans. Tracy just fell in love with him and because of her love he's become a real miracle boy. He can now walk and is learning new things every day. She doesn't really have any family around since her mom died of breast cancer a few years ago and her sister's don't really care about her or Brandon. My family has been her family and we've helped support her over the years. I think she would love this. 


I think you can see why I had to choose them. In talks with Tracy over email she let me know that Brandon LOVES doors. So I had the PERFECT location for their photoshoot. Strathern Park is a replica of old Simi Valley, with a lot of old buildings and tons of history. I enjoyed every minute of my time with them there. Brandon is like every ten year old boy I have ever met....busy, curious, a little camera shy and completely enthralled with things they love. In Brandon's case it was every door on every building at the park. I may have not gotten many major smiles out of him, but I loved the sweetness you could see in his eyes. without saying any words, you could see in his eyes how much he was enjoying his little exploration.  

 I had some quiet moments sitting with Brandon, but I also got to hear so much more about Brandon and Tracy's story from Tracy. 

She would babysit Brandon when he was little and they had a deal, She had to find a husband and he had to find a forever home. Well one day Brandon's foster parents were told that he was unadoptable and that he would be placed into a facility. When Tracy heard they news she knew she had no choice but to give him his forever home with her. So half of the deal has been finished and in a way I'm not sure either expected, but really in the most perfect way it could. When Tracy told me the story I could tell that she loved Brandon as her own LONG before he was legally her son. She is one incredible mama with a huge heart. With her love and support Brandon started to walk at 6 years old and is improving in other areas of his life and development. What an amazing blessing! 

It was one of the most touching and heartwarming days I've ever had and I feel so blessed to have met them both. 

Thank you Tracy and Brandon for such a beautiful day!