When Jon and Brittney's friend Doug called me and asked if I was free that Friday to photograph their proposal, I think "YES" came out of my mouth before I even checked my calendar. During the week I was given more details from Doug and Jon and my excitement went through the roof! Jon and Brittney were staying at the Fes Parker Resort in Santa Barbara for the weekend and Jon wanted to propose on the beach across the street. Well the day of Jon called me and decided that to get her to the beach might be a stretch so he decided on the resort grounds. I am SO glad he did. You can see the location he chose was perfection, the time of day he chose was perfection and for him Brittney was perfection and he could not wait to propose. My husband, youngest son and I hung out on the lawn by the proposal spot so we would just look like a family hanging out. I had placed a bottle of champagne and flowers where the proposal spot would be so I could get the best shots. As soon as I saw them coming around the corner I tucked myself behind a hedge and all the perfection unfolded. 

I've said it before, but I LOVE capturing proposals. The raw emotion I am able to capture cannot be beat. It was a moment filled with shod, smiles, tears, hugs, kisses and pure joy. Congratulations Jon and Brittney on this new chapter in your lives. And thank you for allowing me to capture this amazing moment for you.