Sometimes life throws you a few curve balls, and sometimes you feel like you are standing in front of a non stop pitching machine that'w throwing nothing but 100 mph fastballs to the face. I have been encouraged time and again by my friends strength, faith and resilience through the past year. Her and Ryan have stayed steady and hopeful that at the pitching machine will break and that the home runs will abundantly follow. 

What I love most is that they put their tribe above it all and make sure that at the core they love each other and take care of each other. That was so clearly shown through out our day together. If one fell they were all there to pick them up and dust them off. They made sure it was fun. The best sessions are the ones when families can be themselves. There is no yelling or demanding. There is love, there is play, there is life lived out loud. And capturing that is the best gift I can give any one. 

Even though it may not have been the BEST year for their family, they can look back on these family and know.....Life is good. 

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