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Sitting in the tall green grass, they wait for their little one...

During the ultimate celebration of love, a wedding, these two found each other.  In Sonam's words " We met and sparks flew" I can tell you, those sparks still fly to this day. One lived in LA and one in New York. But the distance didn't stop them from  from coming together in this lifetime. How could it when fate, destiny, or past lives together are on your side. These two were meant to be and their journey is one worth telling for generations to come. 

Anshu, being the romantic gentleman he is, made sure Sonam was taken care of the whole night. Helping her along by hand and arm, checking in on her, holding shoes, making her laugh, and gladly being a part of these photos because he knew how much they meant to her. Well to both of them. What else would you expect from a man who proposes in a hot air balloon?!?

And Sonam, showing up at 39 weeks pregnant without a hint of discomfort in her walk or attitude. She was the epitome of a "glowing mama to be". She was also such a trooper the whole night, being up for anything just to get some amazing pictures. She made me laugh with joy as she teased about wanting 10 kids and Anshu joked back saying he was done with this one. At one point, I miss heard Soman and thought she said that Anshu's mom had 20 kids. As we all burst into laughter, I will never forget what Sonam said. With a chickle in her voice she said "She would be my idol!" What an amazing hear Sonam has, to want a big beautiful family with her one true love. She doesn't know it yet, but with a heart like that, she is way ahead of the game. 

I have no doubts after spending the evening with these two that they are both going to be fun, caring and amazing parents. 

We sat in green fields, stood in slow streams, avoided a crazy bee situation and laughed together a lot. Now we wait for their beautiful baby girl. 

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